New Marriage School Has Emerged

01, Apr 2016
Husband And Wife Love

A wedding events company has designed a Marriage School which will offer expert advice and teach newly weds lessons to a happy life together.

The BoShow Marriage School has been designed following the latest statistics estimate that 42% of marriages in the UK end in divorce.

Studies show that couples who have received useful tips and guidance from relationship experts are more likely to have a lasting marriage.

The BoShow Marriage School, run by BoShow Wedding Festival will hold its first class at the Cathedral of Tress in Milton Keynes on 1st April.

Lucy Jones, Event Co-ordinator at BoShow comments: “In the run up to our wedding festival, we wanted to provide couples with a specially crafted school that will help them embark on their journey and life together. Preparing for the big day can be a testing time for couples so the school aims to ease the pressures and help the transition into marriage.”

Jones further comments: “Weddings are about more than the big day itself and so the school adds an additional service to couples that will form an ever lasting bond.”

The BoShow Marriage School will run classes throughout April 2016 at The Cathedral of Trees, Milton Keynes and will be free to attend.

By Heather Murphy
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