Our Christmas Festivities at Brand Mission!

22, Dec 2017
Wreath Making with Brand Mission

Christmas festivities can be so much fun with your work colleagues in the lead up to the big day, but choosing somewhere to go that everyone will enjoy can be a hard task! That’s why here at Brand Mission we decided to do something slightly different to the usual Christmas do, we decided to go wreath making!

We had a fun session learning how to make wreaths with Bouquet Chic – and how much thought must go into it! Designing our own was the fun part…there was so much to choose from and although we started by using the same few items, tree ivy and berries. They both came out completely different in the end!

We started from scratch, with just the basic frame. Our wreathes were started by adding the pine, we did it three times all the way around to make sure that it was all completely covered with pine, on the top, on the outside and the inside. This was a tricky part, but it then meant we got to move onto decorating and designing our own style wreaths! We both went mad and had fun adding all our decorations. Heather went with a citrus style while I tried for a traditional approach…

When Christmas rolls around next year, wreath making is something to consider. And what’s better than seeing your own design on your front door? One of a kind!


Written by Ellie

By Heather Murphy
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