Brand Mission visits The Goldsmithy!

19, Jan 2018
The Goldsmithy working hard at the bench

The Brand Mission team had a fun and exciting morning on Wednesday as they had a morning out of the office! We visited our client, The Goldsmithy to take a masterclass in making jewellery and have a go at the bench!

Taking part in the making process they apply to each piece of jewellery was super fun yet a little daunting! We had a go trying out many different machines and use a variety of tools to see the process of making a ring.  We first watched as Paul melted down a mixture of metal to form a liquid which was poured into a mould and cooled to form a solid block. We had a go at pressing the metal we wanted to use so it became the right length and width. We were then able to have a go at heating the metal – this was a fun part but also scary! During our masterclass, we also had the opportunity to help bend the metal into the ring shape and watch how Glenn and Paul put the ring together to make it a solid shape. Who knew that filing the metal would be the hardest part? With so many different filing tools and shapes, it’s tough to hold the metal tight enough to keep it where it needs to be to be able to file the metal down. We take our hats off to this incredibly talented and skilled father and son.

We really enjoyed our masterclass with The Goldsmithy! It was great to have an insight to how much is involved to craft a piece of jewellery. There are so many steps and a lot of intricate detailing involved to create each masterpiece.

The Goldsmithy offer the opportunity to experience a masterclass with piece of jewellery they create so you can too! As they create your bespoke piece, you are invited in to see how it is created and have a go yourself at certain stages! The Goldsmithy offer many services including bespoke designs, creating new pieces from heirlooms and a cleaning service for your jewellery. If you have any queries, contact them here.

By Heather Murphy
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