Spring Clean your business with our top tips

26, Feb 2018
Spring clean your business with our top tips

With dreary January behind us the days are finally starting to get longer, and we’re hoping this means some warmer weather! Spring is nearly upon us, and as a time of renewal it is the perfect time to give your business the once over by evaluating your current standings. Every business starts out with the best intentions and resolutions at the beginning of the year, but it’s easy to get distracted by the everyday hustle and bustle of running a business. Now’s the time to get organised and realign your business for maximum success!

Sweep up the competition

A little healthy competition is always good, but you need to keep on the ball and know what your competitors are doing. Conducting a competitor analysis will identify any new competition and will highlight key areas you have missed in your website, messaging or social media. It’ll also get you rethinking about your USP’s and whether these are being pushed.

Brush up your social media profiles

Social media is such a powerful tool when communicating to customers in 2018 and can quickly help build awareness of your business. Are you guilty of favouring one platform over another? You could be missing out a key opportunity to engage with your target customer who might favour the platform your neglecting. Also consider the times of day you are posting, and whether this reflects when your audience are also online. Pre-planning posts will help ensure you are able to get your posts out at the key times.

Review your marketing methods

It’s easy to fall into the habit of using the same marketing methods, and on the surface, it might seem like they work but you could be limiting the growth of your business. Taking the time out to conduct a review will help identify this. When we started working with one of our clients we carried out an in-depth analysis of their marketing strategy and found it wasn’t giving the best return on investment. We updated this to a more current approach which resulted in an increase in customer attraction.

Don’t forget about retention

Bringing in new customers is great, but don’t forget your already loyal customer base. Plan specific campaigns and content to keep these customers engaged and if you’re not already doing so think about offering loyalty schemes or offers to make them feel special. Simple actions such as replying or liking comments on your social profiles will make customers feel valued and keep them engaged.

Where is your time being spent?

Tracking your hours over a week will help you see what tasks are most time consuming. If you’re finding yourself getting stuck in the craziness of day-to-day tasks maybe its time for a helping hand! We provide a full-service solution including, PR and Digital and Print Marketing including Social Media​. Get in touch to arrange a chat and a cuppa!

By Heather Murphy
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