Brand Mission Visits Whitespace Yoga Studio!

08, Feb 2018
Brand Mission PR & Marketing Agency Milton Keynes visit Whitespace Yoga Studio

The Brand Mission Team visited Whitespace Yoga Studio to attend a deep relaxation class last Wednesday morning for a relaxing way to start hump day! It was a great way to start the day as we all felt like we had a little re-boot to take on the rest of the week!

The deep relaxation class involved clearing our minds to allow us to be completely in the zone and focus on being present. We laid with a bolster under our knees for 45 minutes listening and being in the moment – which was pure bliss! It gave us all some time to ourselves, despite being in a room full of people! It was so easy to forget our surroundings and we nearly fall asleep as we were so relaxed! This isn’t uncommon, many others left saying that they had fallen asleep during the class due to being so chilled out! We could have stayed in the warm, cosy studio all day but, instead, we ventured back to the office feeling refreshed.

Deep relaxation yoga can help reduce stress levels as the class is designed to put your mind, body and spirit in a relaxed state.  There are also many other benefits that taking deep relaxation classes will help with: boosting the immune system, lowering your blood pressure and relieving fatigue.

Whitespace Yoga offers classes for everyone, whether you’ve never been to a yoga class before or if you’re experienced and would like to try something new. We will certainly be back!

Find out more at or call 01908 566610 to speak to one of the team.

By Heather Murphy
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