The importance of consistent online content for businesses

01, Jun 2018
Brand Mission Social Media

Market research suggests people encounter 5-7 positive touch points with businesses before they become paying customers.

This happens through a series of marketing approaches; from creating brand awareness, encouraging trust and showcasing a good reputation by producing consistent content across all marketing channels.

Social media growth continues at warp speed, but how does your business leverage your platforms in the most effective way?

Social content gives your brand an identity, allowing you to use relevant language to connect to your audience – but getting the balance of how many posts and publishing at the right time can prove challenging.

If your goal is to reach more people and drive traffic, keep content fresh and relevant to your product/service and optimise posts for times when your audience is most likely to see them.

It’s important to maintain consistent content but avoid flooding your followers’ newsfeeds. If your priority is to reduce the cost of acquisition, increase revenue, grow website traffic or convert leads into customers, your strategy should include constant content to keep the drum beating with hero moments throughout the year.

Our team of experts can help your brand be heard in a crowded space by developing integrated campaigns and creating content. Get in touch to see how we can help.

By Heather Murphy
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