Looking for a new opportunity? Our client is searching for the third Goldsmith to join their team!

05, Jul 2018
Goldsmith Workshop

Our client has an exciting position available – creating a new line of jewellery! They are looking for a new team member to join them initially as a self-employed Goldsmith who will eventually join them full time.

Our client prides themselves on the original methods used to create bespoke pieces of jewellery and guarantee their workmanship for 25 years – their pieces have stood the test of time.

To maintain their high level of craftsmanship which their customers love, the ideal candidate must have at least 5 years of professional full time training (Apprenticeship), be familiar with all precious metals, be prepared to learn and develop as Goldsmith, taking productive criticism on board to create the perfect piece – even if it means starting over. Our client has a meticulous attention to detail so getting it right is essential to put their name to it!

This is a unique industry with many specialities. Our client was trained as a small worker and learned mounting alongside it. His son and apprentice is getting a duelled one to one learning experience.  They are the grubby handed makers of jewellery and leave setting and engraving to the other specialists. In our experience you tend to stay in one field.

Where they specialise in bespoke hand made jewellery each piece tends to be very different from the last so they design with practicality in mind and rely on own training to create something that will last. They cannot stress this enough as if as piece of jewellery isn’t made in the correct way it shows and beauty is in the small details. We make all our own components and do not use castings.

This will be an integrational position starting with a trial by make, in which they will give you a set out brief for a piece of jewellery and a rough time frame in which they would expect you to complete it.

If you are successful then you would start working for them two to three days a week.

After a successful piece of jewellery is made, our client would increase the workload to build up slowly and develop confidence until being taken on as a full time member of the team.

With this in mind, the ideal person will already have their own workshop to start off, with a full set of tools from melting to polishing.

Our client enjoys making one-off interesting pieces that you won’t find in the named shops, so if you would like to join them and  keep the originality of this trade alive, contact us by email at [email protected]  If we feel that you are suited for the position, we will invite you in for a meeting to discuss further with our client.

By Heather Murphy
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