Outstandingly strong, no-drill tesa® Power.Kit technology gives tenants freedom to decorate without losing their deposit

10, Apr 2019
no-drill bathroom accessories

Britain’s five million people who rent are officially free to decorate their bathrooms -and stay within their tenancy agreement rules – thanks to the new, no-drill bathroom accessories range from tesa.

The bathroom accessories give an outstandingly strong, powerful and reliable adhesive hold, yet can be removed without causing damage to surfaces, making them ideal for rented homes.

From shelves and towel holders, to dressing gown hooks and toiletries storage solutions, tesas easy-mount range spells the end of ugly drill holes and damaged tiles, so tenants can finally get creative in their bathrooms without the worry of losing their deposit.

A reliable hold yet no damage to surfaces? It sounds too good to be true!

It’s not. The strength of the cutting-edge, patented adhesive technology used in the tesa bathroom accessories range is unparalleled and should never be compared with traditional suction bathroom accessories – which are known to fall down when filling with toiletries. Mounted correctly using the tesa® Power.Kit, these products will not budge.

Don’t underestimate it – the tesa® Power.Kit can withstand up to 2.5kg, 5kg or 10kg of weight, depending on which product you are mounting. Each item comes with the relevant tesa® Power.Kit.

In fact, the removable and waterproof adhesive technology used in the tesa bathroom range originates from the automotive and aviation industry, where there is no place for unreliable technologies.

The bathroom accessories range from tesa, one of the world’s leading self-adhesive manufacturers, is one you can truly trust. tesa guarantee that when used on the recommended surfaces – including tiles, metal, natural stone, marble, concrete, wood, glass and many types of plastic – you will be left with a surface free from marks, holes or residue after removal of your bathroom accessory.

Removing your tesa bathroom accessory is simple. Once removed, it can be conveniently remounted elsewhere, using a replacement tesa® Power.Kit Adaptor.

Watch a step-by-step video on mounting and removal here: www.tesa.com/en-gb/consumer/bathroom-accessories/technology

Sleek, timeless bathroom designs

The premium designs are available in four ranges with square and circle designs, known as Smooz, Loxx, Hukk and Ekkro, and these are complemented by a shower basket range called Aluxx.

All made from high-shine, chrome-plated metal with frosted glass finishes, the 61-product range is priced between £9 and £51 and offers intelligent bathroom storage that remains stainless even in wet, humid environments.

A tenants’ dream

It is expected that by 2021, one in four households in the UK will be privately rented.  tesa’s bathroom accessories range will give tenants the freedom to be creative and freshen up their bathrooms without the need for drills, hammers, screws or nails. What a time to be alive!

For more information and to view the range, visit www.tesa.com/en-gb/consumer/bathroom-accessories/bathroom-supplies

By Heather Murphy
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