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28, Jul 2019

A new era of sustainability is rising as humanity is producing rubbish as if there was no tomorrow, and plastic waste is polluting our oceans. In light of this, consumers are increasingly motivated to be more environmentally conscious and are exercising their voice through the companies they choose to purchase with. To remain at the forefront, more companies than ever are making changes to their environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – integrating sustainability principals to improve processes, pursue growth, and add value to their business, rather than focusing on reputation alone.

One company looking to support this sustainable shift and meet the increasing demand for ecological products is tesa, one of the world’s leading self-adhesive system solutions manufactures, whose UK headquarters is based in Milton Keynes.

tesa has been one of the first in the adhesive technology sector to shift its focus towards producing environmentally friendly adhesives and has developed the tesa ecoLogo® range to supervise production, supply chain and products to pursue a company’s environmental targets.

The ecoLogo® range is 100% solvent-free and made from sustainable materials, including 100% bleach-free paper and recycled plastic, reflecting tesa’s focus on innovation and commitment to delivering eye-catching, convenient and reliable solutions for glueing, fixing, and mounting applications. In the range, you can find environmentally friendly hand dispensers for adhesive film, as well as glue sticks, packaging adhesive tapes and office tapes.

Diverse products for the most varied office tasks

Responsible Office Tape

Sustainability doesn’t mean a comprismise on quality with the tesafilm® Eco & Clear, a 100% recycled self-adhesive transparent tape, which is ideal for tasks around the office. The tape is of superior quality, with strong bonding power and UV resitance.

Eco Packaging Tape

If you want your packaging and parcels to be secure, clean and friendly to the environment opt for the 100% recycled plastic tesapack® Eco & Strong tape and tesapack® Paper ecoLogo with a completely natural, unbleached paper backing.

Recycled Correction Rollers

Spelling mistakes are inevitable – especially on Monday mornings – so easily erase mishaps with tesa® Roller Correction ecoLogo® with no PVC and made from 100% recycled plastic & cardboard. Phil Johnson, Key Account Manager, tesa UK comments, “By focusing on developing sustainable solutions, tesa is delivering a competitive advantage in a demanding application area. We’re also the first manufacturer to have been awarded the DIN CERTCO certification seal ‘DIN-certified recycled content’ for two our ecoLogo® products, tesafilm eco & clear® and tesapack eco & strong®.”

Meet your environmental goals by purchasing tesa ecoLogo® through suppliers Staples, Lyreco, Exertis Supplies and Amazon.

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By Heather Murphy
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