Beauty in the face of business: Putting the best you forward

01, Sep 2019

It’s no secret. When we look good, we feel good. And feeling good is key to having confidence in the workplace. However more than ever before, there is extreme pressure to look ‘flawless’ with reality shows such as Love Island portraying slim, toned and tanned men and women as the ‘norm’. With almost 1 in 4 people aged 18 to 24* voicing that reality TV makes them worry about – their body image, it’s no surprise that our nation – including our next generation of business leaders – is facing a mental health crisis.

Promotion of natural and non-invasive treatments is rare to find in today’s beauty industry that is full of ‘quick-fixes’ such as fillers and slimming drinks that have quickly risen in popularity due to influencers & celebrities’ endorsements. These can however, have drastic consequences and often lead to the long-term commitment of invading the body with unnatural substances.

One Milton Keynes based beauty business, Harmony Skin & Beauty Therapy, has worked hard over the last 15 years to overcome this industry challenge, offering advanced non-invasive treatments skin treatments for men and women to rejuvenate the face and redefine the body. All which can achieve the same or even better results than their ‘quick fix’ counterparts in 100% natural processes.

Shweta Kapur, Salon Director & Founder of Harmony Skin & Beauty Therapy comments:

“We encourage clients to embrace their individualities with treatments to enhance natural beauty as that is what truly makes them unique. We’re not here to make them conform to what we’re seeing on TV or social media as it’s not realistic. Our job satisfaction comes from seeing clients leaving the salon exuding confidence, ready to take whatever life or their job throughs at them.”

Shweta continues: “We’ve also seen a rise in clients who not only seek treatments to look good but seek the time to slow down and release the stress of modern living. Beauty isn’t just about the results clients can see when they walk out the door, it’s the long-lasting positive effect of making your mind and body a priority.”

Harmony Skin & Beauty Therapy has gained a reputation as one of the most progressive beauty salons in the Buckinghamshire county, offering an extensive range of skin services including cellulite-busting endermologie, facial-toning CACI treatments, skin-tightening Lipofirm Plus and brightening peels. This is all alongside traditional beauty treatments including gel nails, hair removal, spray tanning and massage.

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By Heather Murphy
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