Look to a sustainable 2020 with global adhesive manufacturer’s eco-friendly assortment

20, Nov 2019

tesa, one of the world-leading adhesives manufacturers, and – renowned for quality and innovation within the adhesive technology sector, has developed a range of environmentally friendly adhesives, tesa ecoLogo®. The assortment proves products can have powerful adhesive performance whilst being sustainable.

With eight million tonnes of plastic estimated to be entering the oceans each year, there is an increasing demand for businesses to choose more sustainable solutions. tesa is one of the first in the adhesive technology sector – with ecoLogo® – to produce innovative, environmentally friendly adhesive solutions. The range currently encompasses products for production, supply chain, packaging, repairing and renovating as well as office supplies to assist companies’ environmental targets.

The extensive ecoLogo® range is 100% solvent-free and mainly made from recycled or bio-based materials – including the core and packaging – to minimise the use of limited resources like crude oil.

A conscious effort has been made in manufacturing to ensure the products bearing the ecoLogo® have a reduced carbon footprint throughout all stages of their lifecycle. With the 100% recycled housing, the tesa Glue Sticks ecoLogo® assortment shows a decrease in carbon footprint of 25 – 32% compared to the non-recycled version.

ecoLogo® for Supply Chain

tesa has developed carton sealing tapes with sustainability in mind, meeting the need for eco-friendly, yet strong and reliable packing. tesapack® eco & strong is one environment-friendly alternative among the tesapack® range of packaging tapes, made from 100% recycled plastic. While it neither contains any PVC or toxic solvents, this sealing tape offers excellent long-time qualities and superior adhesion on just about any packaging material. The recycled content of this tape resulted in tesa being the first manufacturer to be awarded the DIN CERTCO certification. The range also features tesapack® paper ecoLogo® consisting of 60% bio-based materials, a core made from 100% recycled materials and strong backing made from unbleached paper.

ecoLogo® for office, school and home

With tesa ecoLogo® office supplies you protect the environment without having to compromise on performance or comfort. tesafilm® Eco & Clear is a 100% recycled self-adhesive transparent tape, free from PVC and solvents with a core and packaging made of 80% recycled cardboard, ideal for multiple office tasks. It also holds the DIN CERTCO certification for recycled content. Several products in this assortment are refillable including the tesafilm® Mini Dispenser and tesa® Roller Permanent Gluing ecoLogo® and help conserve resources because they can be reused. The ecoLogo® assortment is available to purchase through suppliers Staples, Lyreco, Exertis Supplies and Amazon.

For more information about the ecoLogo® range,

visit: www.tesa.com/en-gb/consumer/ecological-assortment

By Heather Murphy
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