The PR landscape has changed, not died!

10, Jan 2020

Last month we attended CommsCon19 to hear about predicated 2020 business trends. They also had a really interesting topic on the agenda: ‘Is media dying out’. After panel debates with PRs, national journalists and a series of speakers across multiple industries, we’re pleased to say it’s certainly not. PR is far from a dying sector – in fact, businesses need it now more than ever.

Why we need PR

PR is used to build a positive reputation through media relations. PR experts create narratives to tell the story of an organisation – whether this is business announcements, or developing a news story using insights, tips or trend alerts to gain coverage. A big takeaway from CommsCon19 is that people are becoming more aware of sponsored content and, as a result, are looking back to proper journalism as trusted sources for factually accurate information. Traditional media is still valued highly by consumers for trust so it’s an important part of any business strategy.

The evolution of PR

Over the years, we’ve seen a noticeable change in the PR world. Consumers now digest news in a number of different ways and social media has completely changed the way in which businesses promote their messaging. As PRs, we now have to use a range of tactics to give audiences different formats to consume messages. Traditional PR as we used to know it hasn’t died, it’s just changed. PR now encompasses much more than securing articles. PR activity now includes many digital aspects including, blogs, social media and working with influencers. These platforms should still be regarded as PR. The information posted is in the public eye so should be treated in the same way as a press release – factually correct and engaging. PR agencies like ours have had to adapt with the times. PR and marketing disciplines have become intertwined so, at Brand Mission, we now weave a range of content formats into our campaigns to ensure we cover all bases and reach whichever platform audiences are consuming information from. As a full-service agency, this helps to keep consistency across all communication channels.

Content trends for 2020

Quality content matters for businesses. As consumers are becoming savvier to marketing methods, it’s important to gain trust from them. Historically, blogs have has an element of ‘click-bait’, but the question has to be asked, does all that traffic result in a quality customer? Digital is here to stay, so businesses should give customers a good online experience. It’s important to join the dots together by developing a comprehensive communications strategy which offers consistency and relevant content – don’t just chase clicks, invest in gaining quality data and a good PR who will help you to land quality news coverage.

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