Connect with the customer with these four marketing techniques

06, Mar 2020
Marketing & PR

Obtaining a powerful marketing strategy in today’s world can be complicated. Knowing where to start when you’re faced with a range of communication channels can prove a challenging task but there are a few key marketing techniques businesses can implement regularly which are effective and will bring results.

Utilise the free tools available

Marketing is an industry where the landscape is constantly changing, so having a marketing model which is up to date is important. This includes running regular business digital health checks.

There are a range of free tools available to monitor your digital presence and highlight areas for improvement. Reviewing website traffic and behaviour will help to understand if the online customer journey is working. Whereas, analysing social media insights will identify most viewed and engaged content – vital when planning future post creation.

It’s always good to review a campaign retrospectively but by waiting until the campaign expires, it will limit the potential results. Instead, making mid-campaign performance analysis part of your ongoing marketing strategy will allow for campaign adjustments in real-time helping to achieve better results.

Be creative

As the industry evolves, brand marketing should too. Imagination is the oxygen in any creative marketing campaign so making space for research, brainstorms and planning can be essential for businesses to thrive in a competitive market.

While it’s good to keep up with trends and align marketing to the industry when appropriate, having fresh ideas will make memorable moments for a brand. Use existing campaigns to inspire and spark new ideas rather than following the crowd.

Coming up with new and engaging campaigns requires time and sometimes a new environment. We believe the best ideas develop when stepping away from our desks and usual surroundings.

Have brand transparency and build credibility with PR

Consumers are becoming more savvy to agenda-driven advertising, and while it is still important, it’s also good practice to couple it with PR activity to strengthen the brand. News outlets are credible sources and with more people now looking back to magazines, newspapers and online news sites for factually accurate information, having newsworthy press releases will help build brand trust.

Social media should be considered as a PR source too. Customers follow companies who show a human side. For this, brand transparency and building authentic relationships with customers through social media platforms is key. These are ‘social’ channels after all so engagement shows brand personality and creates longer-term loyalty.

Connect online and offline

Connect online and offline strategies by promoting your message from multiple angles – keep the message consistent by lining up the content on websites, newsletters, Google and social media.

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